All About Bostonair

The Bostonair Group provide services to the aerospace industry through Bostonair, and to the energy and power generation industries via Boston Energy.

Bostonair’s services to the aerospace industry span three key areas;


  • Recruitment and temporary labour services – Bostonair Group Limited and Bostonair GmbH
  • EASA Part 145 approved line maintenance services – Bostonair Limited Line Maintenance
  • Technical training, including EASA Part 147 approved aircraft type training – Bostonair Technical Training Limited


Bostonair’s services to the energy industry span the following areas:


  • Energy recruitment and Labour services – Boston Energy Limited
  • Wind & Solar – Boston Renewables Ltd


This integrated approach has the flexibility to respond to the increasingly competitive and dynamic market in which our customers operate.

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Our vision and strategic objective

  • To remain the benchmark within aerospace, aviation and Energy recruitment
  • To continue to provide our customers and personnel with a legally compliant and risk-free service
  • To provide effective solutions and innovative concepts for all our clients
  • To guarantee continuous attention to detail, ensuring total commitment to customers and personnel


Our customer benefits

  • Reduced risk regarding compliance, financial and operational matters
  • Increased geographical and operating efficiencies
  • Access to candidates globally
  • Global capabilities via our global Group structure & capabilities